Eliminating Paper Vouchers
for Tours & Attractions

Redeam enables attractions to accept paper vouchers and mobile tickets from any reseller using Redeam’s low cost, tablet based validation platform.

Scan and instantly validate paper vouchers or mobile tickets to determine validity before accepting a potentially problematic voucher. Once scanned, paper vouchers are automatically digitized and the paper can be discarded. Attractions with an existing reservation or ticketing system also benefit from seamless integration into Redeam’s network of reseller partners.

Redeam also delivers a single, unified view of all tickets & vouchers accepted, giving an unprecedented view of daily, monthly and annual performance. Automatic reconciliation means less time spent counting paper and less administrative overhead.

Tours & Activities in 2018

Travelers need paper vouchers

Vouchers cause long admission lines

Vouchers need to be manually reconciled and accounted for

Redeam enables resellers of attraction tickets to offer true mobile electronic ticketing to travelers on their mobile device.

Resellers can eliminate paper vouchers forever by connecting with a single API to check availability, create and manage reservations and reconcile transactions electronically. One API connection with Redeam covers every attraction on our platform. Even attractions without an electronic reservation or ticketing system are supported via a Redeam-supplied redemption system.

In addition to mobile ticketing, Redeam streamlines the accounting and reconciliation process with attractions by offering unified reporting and financial reconciliation.

... with Redeam’s centralized
redemption and voucher reconciliation

Eliminate paper vouchers

Reduced expenses

Sign and support more resellers

A simpler process for all

Detailed view of all daily, monthly and annual tickets and vouchers.

No More
Worry less and
enjoy more!

The benefits



Eliminate the wait at your ticket booth by instantly validating all mobile or paper vouchers. This means quick admission and great customer experience and the fantastic reviews you deserve.


mobile tickets

Mobile tickets or paper vouchers: accept them all using a single, unified platform. All are instantly validated to prevent fraud and centrally stored for easy back- office reconciliation.



Tickets are automatically digitized, accounted for and submitted to your reseller partner for payment & reconciliation.