Redeam helps Tours & Attractions
eliminate paper vouchers

From the point of redemption, to the back office, to accounting and reconciliation, Redeam can help any attraction go paper-free throughout their entire business.

Best of all, Redeam fits with existing operations–no need to change your current systems!

Lets face it

Reservation & Ticketing

Systems designed without third-party sales in mind.

Accounting & reconciliation

Processes that still require a spreadsheet

Long admissions lines

Caused by customers fumbling for paper vouchers.

It’s time for a new way!

How does it work ?

Redeam is designed to deliver your paperless future, without switching away from your existing ticketing or reservation system.

Here is how:


Joining the dots

Redeam connects with your existing ticketing or reservation system and maintains a list of your products, availability and pricing.


Real-time Transaction

Redeam's network of reseller partners electronically transmit transactions to Redeam in real-time. For reseller partners with e-voucher capability, Redeam returns a barcode that can be read by your existing ticketing or reservation system, enabling a “straight to gate” experience for travelers.


Ticket scanning

For reseller partners that don’t have e-voucher capability, Redeam supplies you with an Android-based voucher validation device. When a traveler presents a paper voucher at your redemption desk, the Redeam tablet electronically scans the paper voucher and turns the voucher into an electronic record. Within minutes, the paper voucher is reconciled and added to your Redeam Reporting Center, enabling electronic reconciliation and billing with your reseller partners. No more counting, no more paper. You can shred it right at the gate.


Real-time Transaction

When a guest arrives with a mobile voucher, e-voucher or paper voucher, scan it with your existing system, or use ours.


Easy reconciliation

At the end of each day, log in to the Redeam Reporting Center to see a full report of all your received vouchers for the day.


By integrating with your existing system, Redeam delivers what other solutions can’t: A true, universal report of all of your admissions - whether e-vouchers or paper vouchers - in a single easy to read report. Counting paper and manual reconciliation will be a thing of the past. All without needing to switch away from your existing reservation or ticketing system.

The Value

The value of Redeam’s platform doesn’t stop there: Leverage the front and back-office efficiencies by signing additional, new resale partners by electronically contracting with them right from your Redeam Business Portal. Imagine new channel business without any associated technical integration or paper voucher overhead. Additionally, Redeam’s Reporting Center displays forward-looking sales and demand forecasts for your business. Because Redeam receives transaction data in advance, attractions can know whether to staff up or staff down based on demand for the day, address demand issues with reseller partners in advance, and place greater emphasis on planning for demand.

Behind the scenes

Connect with over 200

Tablet works alongside your
current ticketing or reservation system

Use at front gate or
back office

Accepts paper vouchers
AND mobile tickets

Unified reconciliation reports for all resellers and vouchers

Only Redeam

Delivers on this future. Today.

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